Best Ways to Increase Telemarketing Strategies

In marketing, several strategies are needed to sell products or services to potential customers, one of which is telemarketing. Telemarketing is a strategy for promoting or marketing products and services to potential customers by telephone.

However, telemarketing can also have negative consequences if the target customer is not a potential buyer.


In this post, we will discuss some tips for becoming a good telemarketer so you can increase the quality of your sales. Here are the tips:

Having an Alibi for Calling

The first tip is to have an excuse for calling. Of course, an agent must have an excuse for contacting potential customers because no customer likes to be called directly.

Study Moments before Calling

Doing research before calling customers is the right step. This will make it easier for you to provide offers according to customer needs, and they will feel close to you.

Use the 5W+1H Strategy

The fourth guide is to use the 5W + 1H strategy. What does it mean? 5W+1H (why, World Health Organization, where, when, what, and how) are the underwords when asking questions. Telemarketing agents can use this strategy. With this subject, agents can get good feedback from customers.

Calling is not just for selling

The fifth tip is to call not just to sell. Why is that? Another goal of an agent in telemarketing is to maintain closeness to potential customers and may even continue to email marketing when the business relationship is going well.

Mandatory Calm

Most telemarketing agents also have only one-way dialogue. The majority of them have a dialogue about the advantages of the products offered without paying close attention to the needs of potential customers.

Be friendly and reasonable

An agent must recognize that contacting people means inviting them to dialogue. Because agents talk to customers without looking at their facial expressions, it’s better for you to maintain a friendly and not stuffy tone of voice.

Hopefully the tips above can be useful for reaching out and providing comfort to customers. Not only that, an agent must also have calm when responding to problems such as controlling the intonation of the voice and the speed of speech.