Author: Cam Stroud

Casino Online: Development with Cryptocurrency

07/08/2018 Off

Virtual reality has moved casinos online; these casinos are quite like physical ones, yet have their advantages. The existing gambling websites offer to play with virtually any of the top cryptocurrencies. For the convenience of gambling, electronic currencies are made as easy to use as ordinary money, and even have some advancements: User privacy. Making…

By Cam Stroud

Safety Problems of the Blockchain Technology

15/06/2018 Off

Thanks to the increased interest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the technology of the blockchain is of an increased demand and popularity. The blockchain is an extremely universal invention and its intended use goes far beyond the IT field. In that way, many people are interested in it and use it for their needs.

By Cam Stroud

What To Consider Before Buying Cryptocurrencies

22/05/2018 Off

People make a decision to buy some cryptocurrency out of different reasons. Some seek instant profits, some treat it as an investment, and others are just curious as to where it all going to go. Regardless of the cryptocurrency to make an investment in, consider your purpose and what kind of investor you think you…

By Cam Stroud